Fast, EASY Video Rankings
Utilizing a Highly Effective
Evergreen Strategy

"Get More Page 1 Google Rankings than EVER Before"

Friday 23rd November @ 10am EST
through to Cyber-Monday 26th November @ Midnight EST
(A Proven Converter With Recurring in the Funnel)

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What is vRankerPro?

vRankerPro is a cloud-based software that allows users to rank highly in Google for a number of 'local' niche keywords.

The software is loaded with 9 profitable niches, and a number of 'searched for' keyword templates under each niche.

Users can then rank highly for these niche keywords for different Towns and Cities of their choice.  Providing them with almost limitless possibilities.

More importantly, ZERO SEO skills or knowledge is required!

It takes just seconds for our software to work its magic and deliver its results!

The software uses a strategy that has been tested heavily over recent years and is now proving to be more effective than ever.

So, what are the benefits of vRankerPro.....

  • Allows users to rank videos highly on Google with ZERO SEO skills or knowledge.
  • Gets results fast! Rankings usually appear within minutes.
  • No shortage of keywords to target as can be used for any town or city in many countries around the world.
  • Results and page 1 rankings can be SOLD or RENTED to offline / local businesses
  • Can be used to build an entire offline marketing business
  • Cloud-based software so can be accessed from any browser on any machine (PC or Mac)

For a better understanding of the software, watch the 'demo' video below.

Software Demo Below

Examples of Fast Page 1 Rankings

Sales Funnel and Commissions
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Lock Your Promotion in for Friday 23rd - Monday 26th November.  We will have 'hard-coded' coupons programmed into the sales page during the 4 day promotion, to provide maximum scarcity.

vRankerPro uses the powerful video ranking strategy that we discovered and developed a long time ago and which is getting better and more effective as times goes by.

It's a SAFE, evergreen strategy that produces long-term rankings, and which does not rely on short-term and often risky 'loopholes'.

vRankerPro is extremely newbie friendly as users do NOT need to be skilled or knowledgeable with 'SEO' (Search engine optimization) in order to use it and generate results.

Quality Funnel With Recurring in it

We have a fantastic and highly-relevant sales funnel that also includes RECURRING monthly income.  We do our best to work with our monthly members and provide them with training and help so that they actually use our product and 'keep' using our product.

Massive Scarcity Throughout Black Friday Weekend

We will be hard-coding various coupons into the sales page, and will be adding scarcity to emphasize that, throughout the entire 4-day duration.

Review access will be available (giving you plenty of time to look over the product) and if you require any help or information with your promotion just reach out to us.

We really hope to have your support on 23rd November, and putting some money into your Paypal account!

See you then!

Andy Black and Dr. Max Vershinin

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