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Hey Online Marketer,
My name is Andy Black, and along with my business partner Dr. Max Vershinin, have been analysing and unravelling Google for many YEARS.

We specialise in ‘Video SEO’ which is the art of ranking Youtube videos at the top of Google. We have tested and developed more ‘video ranking’ strategies than you can shake a stick at, and we are very knowledgeable in this area.
Big Opportunities With Video Rankings That
Our Students
Can Vouch For
Max and I have many customers and students who now EARN a substantial income each month by applying our ranking strategy for LOCAL keywords, and then SELLING or renting those results to relevant businesses.
The opportunity is there, and it is within your reach. Even better - There is ZERO shortage with this opportunity.
Here’s what one of our most avid users says
about our ranking strategy…
“Andy and Max always provide incredible value with their products. This latest one is no exception. You will get phenomenal results and awesome service. The ranking strategies use tremendous techniques that just work again and again. Clients will fall over themselves to use your services. We have used the strategies to rank over 12,000 videos so far, and bring in many high paying clients.”
Our other students are CRUSHING IT too
The opportunity is there, and it is within your reach. Even better - There is ZERO shortage with this opportunity.
Is the Hotspot of Leads and Sales
Whilst doing our research we found that EVERY business would like to be on the first page of Google, but many don’t even know where to start.  In fact, they know it ISN’T easy to get into a prime position in Google.

However, the first page of Google is where the money is, and every business knows that.

In fact, they will gladly hand over CASH to anyone who can get them on that first page, so that THEY can benefit from the resulting exposure, leads and sales (instead of their competitors).

This is EXACTLY what our students have been doing for other businesses, by getting them firmly on the first page of Google (near-permanently).  The best part is, they only spent a few minutes achieving those rankings using vRankerPro.
A Fast, EASY Solution that Enables YOU to Capitalize on this Market, Without Having ANY Prior Knowledge or Expertise
After months of testing we had discovered the PERFECT strategy for ‘tapping’ into Googles brain and giving them EXACTLY what they are looking for.

And that is creating a video title, description and tags that are perfectly crafted for Google, letting them know that YOUR video is 100% relevant to your target keyword.

The keyword that you want your video to rank for.

We use our own special techniques to determine EXACTLY the RIGHT words to use within our video listing so that it ranks highly in Google.

We don’t want to bamboozle you with science, technical jargon or semantic concepts, as we’re sure that you’re not interested in all that complicated stuff.
However, we have built a cloud-based software that takes all that tedious, complicated stuff and turns it into something that is ‘Point and Click’ simple.
In other words, we have done ALL the hard work for you making this the fastest, EASIEST video ranking software available today – That is based on a lot of research and testing.
So That You Can Get Results Like These,
With Point And Click Ease
Our students are using our NEW technology to build a passive income, and up until now this has only been made available to them.
However, we have now opened the doors to everyone, but for a limited time only.
The EASIEST Video Ranking System Available
Step 01
Select a niche
Step 02
Select a keyword
Step 03
Choose your location
Those 3 steps take just seconds to complete and the result…
A fully optimized video title, Description and Tags that will SURGE your video (or clients video) to the TOP of Google
vRankerPro is our new ‘cloud-based’ video ranking software that takes our highly optimized content and combines it with LOCALIZED data, allowing you to rank videos for a range of niches and keywords… in ANY locations of your choice.
Instantly Tap Into 7 Highly-Profitable Niches And Target Any Town Or City Of Your Choice
vRankerPro has been loaded with 7 different ‘cash generating’ niches, that you can rank for in multiple locations using video.
(We are currently working on EVEN MORE niches and templates that will be added to ALL user accounts REAL SOON)
Instantly Create Titles, Descriptions And Tags For Near-Instant Rankings
Stop spending ages trying to work out what Google might like. Just ‘click’ the button and vRankerPro will give you everything on a silver platter.
With vRankerPro…
ZERO skills required!
Rank for towns and cities anywhere in the world!
Variety of the most profitable niches
Long-Term Rankings
Near-Instant Results
It’s SO Easy Yet So Powerful!
Step 01
Select a niche
Step 02
Select a keyword
Step 03
Choose your location
vRankerPro will then ‘instantly’ create a perfectly optimized title, description and tags that you can copy and paste into your Youtube video listing, ready for publishing.
Google Will Soak Up Your Video Listing and Deem it SUPER RELEVANT to Your Target Keyword
Our unique software will take our ‘specially formulated’ content (relating to the niche keyword) and combine it with data relating to YOUR chosen Town or City.

Creating a UNIQUE video listing that will yield great results.
Remember, ZERO SEO Skills or Knowledge Are Required, to Use Our Software!
Valuable Google Rankings for Towns and Cities
Anywhere in the World
With vRankerPro you will be able to tap into profitable niches within any Town or City of your choice, and dominate that space.

You produce the results, and other businesses will pay you money FOR those results. It’s not rocket science!

With vRankerPro this whole process is insanely easy to do.
Here’s a List of The Hot Niches That
You Can Tap into Using vRankerPro
We cover emergency dentistry, teeth whitening and even the highly lucrative ‘tooth implants’ niche. Dental clinics earn BIG money from this type of dentistry work, and having page 1 Google rankings will be extremely valuable to them.
Luxury Bathrooms
Bathroom companies charge a lot of money for luxury bathrooms. Often in the $15,000 - $50,000 range, so having more leads and enquiries for their products will make YOUR service a ‘No Brainer’ for them. We have loaded this niche with many keyword templates so that you can push lots of value their way - And charge them a premium for that value!
Tree Removal
This industry is surprisingly saturated due to its profitability. Having their video showcased on the first page of Google is something they will not only want, but NEED.
Every home and commercial property has a roof, and you’d be surprised how often these need fixing. Roofing companies will jump at the chance to have their business planted firmly on the first page of Google.
Pest Control
When home owners have their home invaded by pests, they want to have the matter resolved as soon as possible. Your client can SELL their services in a visual way using video, and YOU can get that video in the RIGHT position in Google.
Burglar / Security Alarms
When people are worried about the security of their family home, or business premises they want to know that their security is in safe hands. Your client will be able to showcase their products and services in a video, and give them the peace of mind that they’re using the best company for the job. You can get that video high up in Google, and CLOSE a deal with them.
Painting and Decorating
Everyone needs to paint or decorate their homes from time to time, and many prefer to bring in a ‘professional’ to do that. It’s easy for a ‘decorator’ to show off their work using video, and EASY for you to get that video ranked in Google. They’ll LOVE you for that!


We're feeling really generous, and are currently working on more niches and templates for you, and these will be added to ALL user accounts real soon.

And Not Only Are These Rankings Easier to SELL Than Soda In The Sahara...
We’ll Even Help You Get Started Right Away
That’s right! When you invest in vRankerPro you will also get instant access to our ‘private training’.

This training will show you WHERE to find potential clients, HOW to approach them, HOW to pitch to them, and HOW to close a sale.

Everything you need to START SELLING and generating an income with your rankings.
This is a Limited-Time Offer
Please bear in mind, we will be ending this special offer real soon and once we do that the price WILL be much higher.

To get access at the lowest possible price, click on the button below right now.
Still Undecided?
Let’s Look at Some Simple Scenarios
Let’s do a little bit of math so you can see just how valuable this software is… and understand how some of our existing students are earning a ‘full time’ income from this (and much more!)
Scenario 1
If for example you charge each client $200 per month for their rankings.

Once you have ‘closed’ 20 clients, you would be generating $4,000 per month profit.

And once you close a total of 50 clients, you would be generating $10,000 per month profit.

Remember, this ranking strategy provides long-term results so once these videos rank, there is little to NO maintenance required. You just collect the payment each month! Cha-ching!
Scenario 2
Let’s say you decide to charge each client a $3,000 one-off fee for all their rankings, rather than a monthly fee.

1 New client per week would generate $12,000 per month profit.

2 New clients per week would generate $24,000 per month profit.

There are no set rules for what you can charge clients.  However, businesses pay a lot of money to get online exposure so that they can generate more leads and sales.

These businesses pay for Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Press Releases and many other forms of advertising.

However, having their business on the first page of Google within the FREE, organic search results is the best place for them to be.

Right in front of targeted prospects who are searching for their EXACT products and services! And they know this.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
We’re sure that you are going to LOVE the results that vRankerPro can generate for you, and your clients.

However, if for some reason you are unhappy with our software, and are unable to achieve the ‘desired’ ranking results after applying our strategy, then we will be happy to refund every cent.

We’re pretty sure that you will see the insane value that our software offers, and will want to put it to good use from this point onwards.
So, Let’s Re-Cap the Benefits When You Invest in vRankerPro Today
  • Achieve fast, page 1 Google rankings that you can SELL or RENT to other businesses (within 7 profitable industries).
  • ZERO SEO skills or knowledge required!
  • Build an entire business around this strategy, and earn good money in doing so.
  • Target ANY Town or City anywhere in the world, creating endless possibilities, and reaching endless prospects.
  • Discover how to find, pitch and close clients.
But none of that’s what you’re really getting.

What you’re really getting is the chance to build a business of your own. A business that’s simple, sustainable and can build a passive income up from nothing.

When you can deliver rankings like these in such competitive, high-value niches, you’ll never be short of potential clients. And just imagine it... being paid hundreds every month for work you only did once. Knowing that you could leave your job any time you chose, because you’ve got regular money coming in without it.

This is what our students have already achieved - and when you push that button, it could be what you’ll achieve too.

So, click the buy button now, and we’ll see you inside.
Andy Black and Dr. Max Vershinin
Copyright 2017. vRankerPro. All Rights Reserved.